Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Does The Cliterus Look Like My Cliterus Looks Blown Up?

My cliterus looks blown up? - what does the cliterus look like

Well here we go, I shave a lot and I realized that I, because I guess the * face * ouchie scratched my hair anyway, and now I went and looked at me like a blown cliterus Help itch?

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s.d said...

No stress:) its normal, its just irritated by shaving and scraping. The swelling should go within 1-2 days.

Annalisa said...

It is possible that your genital area is swollen as the Razor Burn, and could cause rubbing or irritation. No stress! Is that what you are allergic to shaving cream or lotion used when shaving.

joanna said...

Shaving like ....... angry and probably scratched and is not likely ingrown hairs or something like that probably have nothing serious

CC said...

probably move to cut with a knife and

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